Lic. Cecilia Thomsett Herbert

Lic. Cecilia Thomsett Herbert

PhD student at the Dynamical Systems Laboratory, UBA and CONICET

Dynamical Systems Laboratory

Department of Physics, University of Buenos Aires


Talleres Open Source

About me

My research interests are in behavioural neuroscience. Currently, I am studying neural coding of song production in canaries using electrophysiology. I built a custom lightweight microdrive and used tetrodes to record extracellular activity in freely behaving animals and wrote custom scripts to analyze the data. Check out my work below.

In the past year, I have started volunteering in open science initiatives, since I am passionate about teaching people new tools to help solve their problems and encouraging others to learn. I have always been interested in the intersection between education and technology and love doing outreach on bioacoustics and sound visualization.

I also enjoy everything DIY, baking and playing the oboe in orchestras.

My timeline

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(2020). Dynamical model for the neural activity of singing Serinus canaria. In Chaos.

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(2019). Significant Instances in Motor Gestures of Different Songbird Species. In Frontiers in Physics.